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Stainless steel welding & fabrication specialists

Spools, pipework, etc with WTIA-compliant water spec Manufacturing Data Records (MDR)

About us

Bell Stainless | Pipeworx is a division of the Bell Stainless group, based on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

We specialise in pressure piping and structural items fabricated from stainless steel - especially custom spooling.

We use high quality materials and consumables, all with relevant certification. Fabrication is compliantwith all applicable codes and standards, along with results of Non Destructive Testing (NDT). These are included in the Manufacturing Data Records (MDR), kept for each job.

Our aim is to offer repairs and alteration services with short lead times for urgent cases whenever possible.

We're a dynamic business that prides itself on providing high quality, cost effective and timely fabrication services to all our clients.

Our work can be seen in many regions throughout Australia.

Our scope of services

Spools and pipework

Tanks, covers, etc

Launders and clarifiers

Welding processes

We are experienced in the following welding processes:

• Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)

• Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

MDR's per WTIA standard

Our Manufacturers Data Reports comply with the WTIA Technical Note No. 25 - Water specification for the water industry

Welding standards

We are compliant with the following welding codes:

• AS/NZS 1554.6-1994

• AS/NZS 3992-2015

• AS 2885.2-2007

• ASME IX-2017

Environment friendly

All processes and chemicals we use for cleaning or passivating stainless steel are non-toxic and eco friendly